Press Release- Twelve launches project to boost financing readiness for entrepreneurs

Sept. 6, 2023, 8:24 a.m.

Press Release- Twelve launches project to boost financing readiness for entrepreneurs

Introducing Project LIFT—an innovative initiative by Twelve aimed at driving growth and collaboration of women-led startups in Nigeria. Our mission is to equip these entrepreneurs with the essential business skills and collaborative models they need to thrive. With the objective of empowering a minimum of 1,000 women-led startups, our program is all about delivering top-notch business training while providing the tools to secure essential funding

Our Key Objectives:

Elevate Business Expertise: Project LIFT is on a mission to enrich the knowledge and skills of women-led startups fostering the creation of resilient and sustainable business models that stand the test of time.

Forge Collaborative Partnerships: By nurturing collaboration models, female entrepreneurs gain the strategic edge to negotiate optimal pricing for resources, costs and amplify profitability.

Connect to Funding Opportunities: We expect the collaboration models to seamlessly help these women connect with forward-thinking fund managers who recognise the immense potential of a united group of entrepreneurs.

Since the inception of this initiative, we have hit the ground running. Twelve has successfully provided capacity-building training to 80 women in Cameroon and 300 women-led businesses in Nigeria.

Teaming up with the dynamic BWS community in Cameroon and the Technology, Enterprise, Resource, and Community (T.E.R.C) in Nigeria, both of whom are dedicated ecosystems championing female-led/owned SMEs and working-class women, we launched the inaugural phase of the project. The inaugural training covered the crucial elements for financial literacy and business growth; building sustainable business models, mastering financial management, and nurturing personal development.

The Exciting Journey Ahead: We expect to launch the second phase of this project in Q4 2023 and the final phase in Q1 2024. In the second and final phase, Twelve is expanding to support at least 700 additional women-led businesses in additional regions of Nigeria

As we embark on the next phase, Twelve is actively seeking innovative partnerships with development finance institutions and fund managers who offer flexible financial frameworks tailored to the unique needs of female-led entrepreneurs

If you're passionate about empowering women-led businesses or SMEs in general in Nigeria and adjoining countries and want to be part of transformative change, reach out to us via email at, let's redefine the landscape of entrepreneurship and propel collaborative models that drive sustainable growth for women-led startups in Nigeria

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