What is an Investment club?

An investment club is simply a group of people who contribute together to invest in investment opportunities together

Access to a bigger pool of cash

Access to bigger investment opportunities

Access to higher ROI or better assets

Access to less risk as you spread your risks with others

If you think your funds are limited in anyway, you can start an investment club with friends or family and together you can take advantage of investing with your pooled funds.

Is an investment club right for me?

We get this question all the time.

Our honest response? If you fit the profile of all or any of the profile described below, then you may just be the right candidate for an investment club.

You work well in teams. Teamwork makes the dream work

You’re in it to win it - long term! Emphasis on long term, no get-rich quick fixes

You have a healthy risk appetite. Some investments might require taking a leap of faith

You are emotionally stable. You can take the gains and the losses in your stride

If you wish there was a way you could do more or achieve more with the money you have, then you should consider starting or joining an investment club.