Tell us your "Why?"

Do you need to earn short-term additional income? Purchase an asset that appreciates e.g. real estate? Do you want to save towards next year’s vacation or stack up your emergency funds? We want to know all about why you need to start investing so we can speak your language.

Create your free account and start creating the future

We’ll need some personal information from you to create a personalized account (Just the basics such as your name, age range etc) and you can take up offers we share from time to time. All your information is processed to ensure no matter what your goals are, Twelvevest can help.

Watch your investment portfolio grow

This is where it gets interesting! Once you make your first investment, you can monitor all your investments on ONE dashboard from anywhere in the world. Basically, we make it super easy to have a diversified investment portfolio. Amazing, right?

Bonus – Collaborate easily with friends, colleagues and family

We believe in abundance and generosity. So, don’t keep this amazing platform to yourself, invite your friends, colleagues and family to get on a smarter financial journey with you.
Why wait till you can afford it all by yourself when you can collaborate with friends and family? Twelvevest provides a tool to transparently manage the money activities of your investment club.