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Frequently Asking Questions

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About Twelvevest

Twelvevest is a digital investment platform enabling the best collaborative investment experiences. We enable professionals and entrepreneurs across the world invest together to earn higher returns and achieve financial goals.
Twelvevst is domiciled in Nigeria but provides a digital platform for investors from over 13 countries who wish to invest in Nigeria
At the moment, we do not provide customer support by phone or in person. Please send a message to hello@twelvevest.com and we will help you resolve whatever issue you may have.

My Account

We normally advise new users to register on Twelvevest with their preferred email address so their investments can be in one account.
Please send an email to hello@twelvevest.com

Setting up a Club

Every club member has to be registered on Twelvevest. The club Administrator sends an invite to prospective club members on their registered email addresses on Twelvevest.
You can input details of other investments as you are not limited to only investments you make via Twelvevest.
The club will need to allocate the returns on each investment to each member in a separate report as the platform only shows group returns for now.
Every club member has to be registered on Twelvevest to access investment opportunities on their dashboards
Every club member can also access the club portfolio dashboard on their page when they log in and get notification on investment activities.
Every club member gets notified on investment activities.
The platform helps its users track investment by showing the date an investment is made, the tenor and maturity date.
Charge is upfront and can be monthly or annual. Charge will take effect when trial period ends. The platform cannot split cost across members, the club will pay lump sum.
The subscription can be cancelled.

Investing on Twelvevest

After signing in, please click on MARKETPLACE to view the available investments/deals available.
You can either pay with your card or via bank transfer.
Please update your bank details in settings- withdrawals on the platform. The returns on Investment will be sent to the bank account provided after the maturity date.