Investing in the US stock market with Bamboo

April 2, 2023, 6:52 p.m.

Investing in the US stock market with Bamboo


Twelve worked with Bamboo (an investment platform that gives investors real-time access to a stream of global and local investment options) by enabling investors gain access to invest in the US stock market and Fixed Income.

Bamboo provides a platform that helps investors invest in US stocks and ETFs of their choice to meet their investment goal. Investing on a monthly basis within a period of 30 months, members have invested a total of $633,475 in the US stock market.

Investment Details


Investment Thesis

Twelve is one of the leading investment communities on Bamboo with impressive investment activities. Qualified Investors get the opportunity to earn cashflow from their fixed income investment. With an annual return of 8%, investors can reinvest in other assets and expand their portfolio.

In February 2023, Bamboo secured a digital sub-broker license from Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SEC’s issuance of the license to Bamboo ensures oversight of the relationship with its sponsoring broker, Lambeth Capital while fostering partnerships with multiple brokers. This license allows Bamboo to operate in the Nigeria capital market and including Nigerian securities on its platform.

Investment Outcome

Inflation appears to be one of the reasons for the drop in the US stock market. However, Twelve is committed to keeping track of economic trends and how it directly affects investors portfolio. We are focused on ensuring the members of our community get access to investment options that help their portfolios grow and stay stable.

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