Why should you invest in real estate?

Real estate has provided generations of investors with wealth. However, it has historically not being easily accessible to the everyday woman due to high costs, regulatory limitations, and high instances of fraud.

History also shows that mostly those with specialized knowledge, the right connections and access to great amounts of cash have invested actively in real estate. This has kept investing in real estate out of reach for over 90% of women in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We believe in the power of innovation to bridge this gap for more women, so, we built a platform to provide easy access to vetted real estate investments opportunities for more women.

We built Twelvevest for the everyday woman

For women and families

Tolani is a professional with 3-4 years working experience in the bag. However, in spite of the income she earns, she struggles with investing in real estate. She actively invests in other asset classes such as bonds or stocks but has not been able to successfully invest in real estate

The real estate investments she dreams about require a lot of cash so are simply not affordable based on her 9-5 income. The real estate companies also do not offer flexible payment plans so young professionals like herself are shut out of the opportunity to create wealth with a stable asset.

Tolani knows many other young professionals like herself who have this same problem and she believes passionately that they shouldn’t be excluded from owning real estate because they are not multi-millionaires or huge corporations. There has to be a solution.

For Investment clubs

Sope, Ope and Lami are friends. They plan and attend a lot of social activities together but recently they started to thinks seriously about investing in real estate. It was time to stop spending money on channel bags or eating out at popular restaurants only to end up broke.

Sope knows she can’t afford to invest in most real estate opportunities but believes if she, Ope and Lami start an investment club, they can break the limit on their individual incomes and achieve their real estate investment goals sooner.

However, she is confused about how to manage the operations of her investment club with friends or family. Is there an app that makes it easy to manage funds and invest these funds in credible real estate investment opportunities?

Again, we related with Sope’s story and we knew there had to be a solution.

The solution - Twelvevest

A first of its kind technology platform that connects individuals and investment clubs to thoroughly vetted real estate investment opportunities.
Our key insights have guided the Twelvevest mission, pioneering ways to offer more women access to thoroughly vetted real estate opportunities.
Our approach blends personalized service, proven business discipline and data-driven insights. This allows our members to invest confidently towards their wealth goals of owning real estate in Nigeria.
Our mission is to help women invest with confidence in real estate.

We only consider real estate investments opportunities that pass the stringent due diligence

We only work with select real estate companies with proven track records and experience managing real estate

We offer our members full transparency on every opportunity shared on our platform.